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It is that time of the year, 20th July the date of our Annual event, The Pasifika Night. FCAV keeps raising the bar in the events it has been hosting and the Pasifika Night is no exception. This year is the third year we have been hosting this Event and if you think last year was better, No, we promise you that this is is going to be bigger and better.




Dear Friends and Families,

The Fijian Community Association Victoria (FCAV), would like to thank you all for attending our Pasifika Night fundraiser last night.

The event would not have been a success if it wasn't for your support and attendance.

The fundraiser raised approximately $6000. Funds raised will go directly towards our long term plan-to purchase a land for our Fijian community in Melbourne.

Thank you to all our sponsors, donors and volunteers-to the Nabalarua family and Anitonia family for the delicious home made desserts donated for the event, to Ema & Litiana Corfe for the delicious pasta for the kids, the Driu family and Lewaqai family for the delicious lovo & lamb curry, to Fiji Aid Melbourne for the delicious palao, to the Ackers family for the delicious vegetarian curry,to Ms Sylvia Chand and Ms Kini Salavuki for the healthy green salad, to the Elder family for the delicious chowmein, to the Ledua family for the delicious potatoe salad, to Mrs Kalelia Coriakula for the delicious sweet & sour chicken and to Charlie B Bear for donating snacks and drinks.

Thank you to all our performers-The Te Mana O Porinetia dance troupe for the great & unique cultural entertainment, the Bula Smile Kids Disa Komaitai for the wonderful entertainment, the Fijian Pearls Wila Sautu Ligalevu
Emz Corfe Mary-Anne Chantelle Meo for the beautiful cultural costumes displayed by the kids to showcase their cultural heritage, Ananda Dance Group for the wonderful Indian item performance, AIFAV for the wonderful Bollywood solo performance by Kris Rohit Roy Kumar, Pacific Islands Cultural Arts Australia (PICAA) Delsa Evotia Tuitea, for the beautiful Pasifika Island singing,Nesian Pearls and Tausala dance group for the beautiful Samoan dances, Losalini & Joe for the beautiful singing showcasing your great & unique talents Lo Namakadre Joe Spidah-Mayne Droga and to the FCAV girls for the beautiful contemporary meke performance.

Thank you to Mrs Veena Kumar and Ashok Kumar for donating the food warmers, thank you Anjana Kirti Reddy Gyanendra Reddy for donating the beautiful sarees and Ashwinita Ackers for donating Sadna Wilson's cook book that were auctioned and raised a great sum of money.

Thank you to all our hard working volunteers for your dedication and commitment that resulted in a successful event. To the lovo crew, Mr Eroni Lewaqai for giving his time and his home to cook the delicious lovo served on the night, to the Driu family for the lovo ingredients, to Lai, Inoke, Emori, Tai Eroni, Vo and Frank for doing the lovo, to Frank McGoon for transporting the lovo from Sunshine to Noble Park, Thank you to the Nabalarua family-Claudia Nabalarua Kereni Nabalarua & Mrs Limiva Nabalarua, Corfe Family-Litiana Corfe Emz Corfe, Vani Marshall, Vika Nawai & Jason Yozef Ratu II for decorating the hall and all our volunteers who helped out in the kitchen.

Thank you to DJ Laurence Rounds for the awesome music and to Martin Stephenson for your great support on the night and thank you to our MC-Mrs Limiva Nabalarua.

Vinaka vakalevu.

Vonivate Driu
(President - FCAV)



There is so much anticipation to the 2018 Pasifika Night. In it's inaugural first year 2017, the Pasifika Night was a great success that has generated lots of interests this year. We have increased number of interested performers from the Pasifika communities this year and tickets are selling fast.

Funds raised on this fundraising event is channelled directly to the Building project that FCAV has now embarked on and that is to purchase a Community Centre for our Fijian Community here in Victoria.

More information are contained on the flyer below: 



The 2017 Pasifika Night was held on Saturday the 29th of July at the Clayton Hall, Clayton, Victoria. It pulled in a full capacity crowd that celebrated the Night with lively Cultural Dances, Delicious Food and Great music. It is the first time that the Fijian Community Association Victoria has Organised this Night dedicated to the Pacific Islands, especially our neighbours in the Pacific who have been invited to support us as we embark on a Fundraising Drive to match them in the construction or purchase of a building for the Fijian Community living in Victoria.

The success of the 2017 Pasifika Night is the result of individuals, Organisations and different Communities coming together in Unity giving their time and money to support the Fijian Community. The Fijian Community values Diversity and is happy to work together with other Community Groups by partnership or collaborative work to ensure that we create a healthy working environment working together addressing community issues that affect our members on a daily basis. FCAV is an Organisation that is Inclusive and accepts everyone irrespective of the differences that we have. It showed on the Night when we were able to accommodate everyone in one Hall and offer them the real Fijian Hospitality that Fijians are always known for.

After this year's successful Event, the Executive Committee of FCAV are now contemplating running this event Annually. So keep a lookout for the next Pasifika Night and be ready to grab the opportunity to book tickets as the next Pasifika Night will be much bigger and will provide the best Pacific Island Entertainers that they can offer.


On behalf of the Pasifika Night events committee, I would like to thank each and every one of you that attended our Pasifika Night fundraiser. A lot of hard work went into making this fundraiser go off smoothly and I would like to thank everyone that made it happen.

We are proud to announce that we raised a Profit of $6,220 at the Pasifika Night fundraiser.

Firstly, a heartfelt thanks to our Vice-President, Mrs Finau Valetini and the Fijian Womens Frienship Group, Monash for securing the use of the hall on behalf of FCAV.

Thank you to all members and non-members who volunteered to cook on the night, prepare deserts, provide soft drinks and water and donate it for a worthy cause.

The delicious varieties of Island food donated by Mr and Mrs Lewaqai, Ms Makelesi Morrell, Ackers family, Driu Family, Nabalarua family, Ms Naomi Duaka, Ms Tema Galala, Mr Dauniyasawa Tawake, Valetini family, Ms Jimaima Maca, Mr and Mrs Ross and Mr Kaitani were just fantastic that guests came back for seconds.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Guest Speaker, Mr Anthony Sofe. We were marveled with your speech that opened our hearts and minds. Your encouragement and winning attitude inspired and reassured us that we can achieve Bigger and Better things through Unity with God leading us. Thank you for your stimulating speech and we look forward to your valuable contribution in the future.

A special Thank You goes out to the Melbourne Rebels for their support in donating a signed jersey and rugby ball to be auctioned on the night in aid of an FCAV member currently battling cancer. The attendance of Rugby player Siliva Siliva and Marketing & Communications Manager, Demelza Fellowes was greatly appreciated by many.

A very special thank you to all our Performers and Cultural Dance Groups who entertained us. Everyone raved about how great all the performances were. The fundraiser would not have been a success if it wasn’t for your vibrant and lively performances. Thank you to James Henry, President of the Cook Islands Community Services for your support and thank you to the Te Mana O Porinetia Dance Troupe for the magnificent cultural performances. Thank You to the Samoan Victims Support Group for supporting our fundraiser and 3DC Dance Crew for the unique and beautiful cultural performances. Thank you also for involving your little angels to participate at the event. They were surely the stars of the show. Thank you to Nuholani and Tama Tatau for the usual vibrant performances that blew everyone away. Thank you to Filomena and Nesian Pearls for the beautiful and admirable Samoan cultural dances. Thank you to the Island Breeze Rugby Plus boys for the beautiful contemporary Fijian meke, Thank you to Pallavy Reddy for the magnificent Bollywood dance and a big vinaka vakalevu to our very own Fijian girls for the beautiful contemporary Fijian Meke performances and Tongan Tauolunga dance. We are so proud of you girls and how much you have grown in the short period of time you all met and started rehearsing for this event.

Thank you to all our raffle prizes sponsors-The Reach For Your Future Foundation, Ms Irma Singh, Ashwinita and Shaun Ackers, Saadia and Michael Elder, Driu family and Mr Martin Chanel.

Thank you to the Master of Ceremonies, Mr Simi Kaitani, for a job well done. Your sense of humour and professional persona was truly evident and consistent throughout the entire evening.

Thank you to Mr Eroni Lewaqai for a great job in coordinating the auction for cancer victim, Mr Viliame Ross.

Thank you to DJ Ash and Mr Inoke Buli of the My Tribe band for the great music entertainment.

Thank you to all our volunteers on the night in particular, to Mr Viliame and Mrs Rosie Ross who were at the hall from 10am in the morning to help with setting up and decorating the hall, cooking in the kitchen and catering at night. Your dedication and commitment is invaluable and we are forever grateful! Thank you to Mereani and Finau Valetini for decorating and setting up the hall. Thank you to Mr Manu Valetini for preparing the lovo. Thank you to Saadia Elder, Gyanendra and Anjana Reddy for helping out at last minute request on the night. Your generosity in volunteering on the night, making a few trips to the shop and donating soft drinks and snacks for the kids and then helping out in the kitchen really meant a lot to us. Thank you to our families and friends from Sydney and Sale who came to support and volunteer on the night. Thank you Ms Jimaima, Filipe, Asena and Katrina, Temalesi, Naomi, Esther, Jade, Jasmin, Pallavi, Anita, Kate, Lai and Eni for all your hard work on the night and service with a smile which made a lot of difference.

Last but not least, the ATTENDEES-Thank you to the Members of the Australian Indo Fijian Association Victoria, Dhadkan Media Entertainment group, Reach For Your Future Foundation, Brother Gordon Stanley Smith and the fellow Brothers from the Redemptorist Formation House in Kew, Yasana O Ba Malevani, Melbourne Fiji Rugby, Island Breeze Rugby Plus and everyone else that attended the fundraiser for a great cause. Without your attendance, the fundraiser would not have been a success so THANK YOU.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Vinaka vakalevu

Katarina Driu